Kotahi Premium Line - Red Leather

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Features of this grip: 

  • - more durable
  • - wears in not wears out
  • - easy maintenance
  • - doesn’t pick up debris from the ground
  • - non slip when wet or sweaty
  • Palms Up - The revolutionary new putting system to help you make more putts. 
    By turning both palms up we reduce the mobility in the joints of the hands and arms thus resulting in:

    • Reduced involuntary, unwanted movement in the putter head
    • More consistent putter arc and stroke length
    • Reduced face rotation and variations between the rear and target swing
    • Increased sweet spot contact point
    • Help overcoming pysiological glitches aka "The YIPS"
    Weight: 110 g
    Width: 1.25 in
    Length: 14 in
    Height: 1.75 in
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