Below are the traditionally taught putting techniques. The problem I have with these techniques is that I am not sure or can I workout how holding the club as in the traditional manner is technically functional. Anyhow below is the traditional and accepted style at this moment.  

More investigation must be done!


To achieve this we will hold the putter off the ground, putting the target hand on first, at the bottom of the grip. The pointer finger of the target hand goes outside and down the fingers of the rear hand, the other three fingers of the target hand wrap around the grip placing the thumb of the target hand under the rear hand. The reverse overlap hold is a commonly used hold.


This hold is another commonly used hold. When we set this hold up, we will proceed in the same manner, holding the putter up off the ground, this time placing the target hand on first, at the bottom of the grip and the rear hand above the target hand , make sure the two hands are touching, there is no need to extend the fore finger of the rear hand down the outside of the target hand.


Standing with your feet together, bow forward, arching the back (this is different to a full swing set up, in the full swing the back is straight, or in a standing position shape) When the back is arched, you will be able to see that the neck is parallel to the ground and the eyes are over the target line, the elbows are bent, for the CROSS HANDED we will be looking to have the shoulder line parallel to the ground or even in there tilt. From here we will step with the Target Foot and Rear Foot evenly, so that the width of the feet is about the outside width of the hips, toes pointing in towards the target line.


The ball will be played slightly target side of centre. Here we will explain CONTACT, we will explain that the proper contact is just ball, knowing where the centre of the putter face is? And how we want the ball to roll and where the centre of the ball is how we want to contact the ball