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I spent about 1 hour 45 minutes with Vaughan at his golf studio as part of his test project, learning his new bio metric putting technique, along with the new putter grip.

We did 6 tests 4 with my old putting grip and technique and 2 with the new grip and new technique. The results were very interesting and useful. Not only did Vaughan's new technique and grip improve my consistency but also highlighted a consistent fault that we were then able to rectify.

I will absolutely include the new technique in my game, practice, persist and I am sure I will get results on course.
Andrew Mundy
With so many putter grips available choosing the right one can be daunting, the BJM gave me everything I was looking for its unique angles and feel lock you to a position which has vastly improved my directional skills I am more confident with the shorter putts also, finally three putting is less frequent points off your game is what we are all looking for I recommend the results of the BJM
Doug Marshall
I have recently trialed and am currently using Vaughan Masons BJM Putting grip and Putting System technique.

When I first did some lessons with Vaughan some time ago I had a modest handicap of 30. I saw improvement in my handicap with instruction on conventional putting techniques.

So with confidence in Vaughan's opinions and instructional techniques, I was happy to trial his new grip and putting technique. The set up at Vaughan's training facility and the detail on standardization of the trial were very impressive. The trial involved the same amount of practice putts and 'test' putts for various Hold techniques first on my original putter grip, beginning with my personal one. Obviously using a different technique than what I am used to felt 'strange' or even a little 'uncomfortable'. Then Vaughan replaced the grip on my putter with the BJM grip and a trial conducted followed as before with the two variations of the BJM technique. Although still a little unfamiliar with this technique, the 'comfort' factor improved due to the design of the BJM putter grip.

The results that are very user friendly displayed and easy to understand on the computer screen using the SAM Putt Lab were surprising and quite remarkable! It clearly showed that even using the BJM technique on my old putter grip, which felt so different to what I was used to not only improved performance and results, the increase in consistency was considerable. Then with the addition on the new BJM putter grip the results were even better.

I was very impressed with not only the quality of the trial process but the construction of the putter grip itself. The results speak for themselves and I can't wait to get on the golf course and see further improvements of my handicap and would highly recommend the BJM grip and technique to anyone of any golfing level to at least trial this great product.

Thank you Vaughan
Aaron Jackson

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