Consistency is a product, that means it is an outcome a result as such, therefore if we want to be consistent then we need to look at the contributing factors and the ability to build a systematic approach and criteria. If we take the new putting system, then what have we done to say that this system is more consistent? Well here we go lets have a look at this then.


By reducing the available mobility in the joints of the hands and arms we place the emphasis for mobility and motion for the golf club on the larger muscles, the core. By doing this then there are less moving parts in a small motion, therefore we are able to create a more consistent motion (stroke).

So what becomes more consistent?


1.       Stroke length – this means we are able to allocate a stroke to a particular distance. This is so important simply due to the fact that line is subject to speed. Speed is subject to contact and stroke length. That brings me onto the next point.

2.       Contact – centeredness of contact is another important key. We must consistently hit the sweet spot of the putter. This way we are able to predict how the ball will behave once struck and remember it has already been shown that the rise angle of the putter head must be more than the dynamic loft to encourage centeredness of contact, centeredness of contact is what encourages a good roll of the ball.

3.       Rotation Rate of the club face and Path – Because the new hold reduces the available range of mobility in the hands and arms then again we are able to create a larger amount of consistency is the delivery of the Path and of course the rotation rate of the putter face

4.       Ascent/Decent of the putter – This is also subject to the range of available mobility of the hands and arms.

Overall simply by reducing the available range of mobility in the hands and arms we are able to repeat the same motion consistently and of course this may be more present in the athlete based on situation, environment and athletic ability.

5.       The YIPS are a psychological glitch that creates involuntary and undesired joint movements in the hands and arms and is most common in putting. The new putting style and grip can solve many of the underlying issues that cause the yips and the subsidiary issues that accompany the yips, simply by reducing the amount of available mobility in the joints of the hands and arms. The new putting system and grip would be the first line of defense as well as a frontline cure for YIPS.

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