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We started off by using our own putter and grip and hold of the club and using the Sam Putt Lab system tested having 5 practice putts having calibrated the device on the putter to ensure 100%that the clubface was square at setup. After these 5 putts we started the test and were measured by the device. At no point did we see our data or results, so we had no idea what was actually happening. After these 5 test putts we did the same exact procedure using the putting hold and system that Vaughan has designed. It felt strange to grip the putter in such a way at first with this hold.
After these tests we changed the grip to the new BJM putter grip and did exactly the same tests as before, same procedure, checking the clubface square with the device and having the 5 practice putts before the test each time. As soon as I held the BJM putter grip in my hands I knew it was something I was going to like. It just seemed to fit ergonomically in the hands. And the new holding system actually felt quite comfortable with this grip design compared to the original grip. During the tests, I felt that my normal reverse hold, with the BJM grip and the new holding system felt most secure, which I was surprised about being the first time I was trying it.
After the tests, same as before, but with the new grip, we looked on the computer to see the putt data for ourselves. We could see the path and contact point consistency improve dramatically with the BJM grip and the new holding system compared to the old way. And I have to say that it felt that way too, the impact felt a lot more consistent and to actually see this being quantified on the data on screen in front of you is a real bonus. I really enjoyed this test and learnt a great deal about my consistency of impact, which I knew from playing on course as a professional golfer and how and why these problems have occurred. I look forward to trying it out on the course.
Since this test I have played one time on the course using the BJM putting grip and holding system and have to say that I felt a MASSIVE improvement in consistency of impact. I could feel that every putt I hit was hitting the middle of the putter face and therefore my distance control was significantly improved. I really look forward to playing more with this grip and hold system and highly recommend you try it out.
David Freeman
British PGA, Past Asian Tour Player, Past HKPGA Order of Merit Champion
As you know I am a high handicapper who plays for fun. I used it straight away in a round and found that in the heat of battle, it all came down to mastering the technique you showed me. On the medium and short putts once I took a breath and went through the set up routine correctly I was locked and ready to go. The ball went in exactly the direction I was aiming as there was no wavering of the putter head before i struck the ball.

My issue came with the long putts as i was not able to judge distance, and ending up mixing my technique to try and get distance which resulted in some wayward putts. Now realising I just need to rotate my shoulders to get distance keeping the same grip, I am looking forward to my next round. My flight were fascinated by the grip, but a little miffed when i ended up winning the round on my first outing with the putter.

Winning is always sweet.
Paul Gannon

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