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Best putter grip EVER ! The putt doesn't go in only because of weight ... the line is pretty much guaranteed
Mark Greenwood
Hi BJM, I have a good friend that had a few of these grips in Canada, He explained the benefits and how to's of the grip. WOW.....Was I impressed. I have only used it on artificial putting greens as golf season is just around the corner for us. If what I saw on artificial greens is any indication of what I can expect...I should drop 2-3 off my HDCP. Thanks!! Keep you posted! Brian Whitby, Ontario, Canada
Brian P
10 hdcp avg putter
When I first saw this strange new putter grip I was intrigued. I watched the video on its development and then received a real life hands on "how to" from James Martin. Im ALWAYS looking to be a better putter. After getting used to the "grip position", I have used it now indoors practicing for a couple months. This is going to be THE new grip you see the Pro's using on the TV and the general public as well, on the golf courses around VERY shortly. It just makes sense when you think about it. I cant wait to use it on the golf course for real.
Mark Greenwood
Ontario Canada

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