Why do we hold the putter the way we've been taught?

Hi, my name is Vaughan Mason, Australian PGA, founder of the BJM putting system and grips.
Over time I've questioned myself why we hold the putter the way we've been taught. We hold the putter with our hands facing eachother. That makes great sense for a full shot because it gives us the full range of mobility in hands and arms so we can load up muscles for power and consistency... but do we need that full range of mobility when it comes to putting? I don't think so.
This is why I've developed a new holding system, one with the palms up. This reduces the mobility in hands and arms dramatically. This holding system was the influence behind the design of the Kotahi putter grip.

I will be explaining the science behind the new system for holding a putter and why we have designed a grip suited for this type of hold. Bookmark me and stay tuned for my next blog posts!